Cannabis May Replace Prescription Drugs As Treatment For Multiple Diseases

Cannabis, Society Is Realizing That As A Medication, This Plant May Replace Prescription Drugs In Ten Different Disease Categories


cannabis-plant-with-signature-serrated-leaves-cannabisCannabis has been used medicinally for thousands of years throughout multiple cultures. Since 1937, the US Marijuana Tax Act made the drug illegal. Over seventy years later, American citizens are starting to realize that the government had placed an extremely important medicinal substance under a thick cloth of ridiculous propaganda. Over the decades that cannabis has been vilified,…

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Loving relationships needs constant communication, reaching out to each other and respect to maintain closeness. This article contains an important reason why one member of the party may run from a loving relationship.

Love, It Takes “Two” Baby

Love, It Takes “Two” Baby


You just know when you meet the “right” person. Attraction is not only physical but a bond forms that breeds a deeper connection. When it comes down to it, the inner core of individuals in love will help make the relationship last a lifetime. Soul mates is another way of saying that we connect in ways that only a higher power can assimilate.

Another important factor in coupling of two is mental…

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There are safe and inexpensive solutions to calm the symptoms of allergic reactions. One medication, Nasalcrom, formulated from a flower, is the only preventative solution available in your local pharmacy. For more help consultant with your pharmacist. This health care professional knows the most about both over the counter and prescription medications.

Achooo!!! Relief From Allergies From Your Pharmacies Medicine Cabinets

Achooo!!! Relief From Allergies From Your Pharmacies Medicine Cabinets



The sneeze is an explosive wave of air that forces its way out the nose/mouth at 30-40 miles an hour. Emitted droplets are shot 10-20 feet out into the surroundings. Many times, the cause is an irritant that is tickling the nasal passages. Our body attempts to rid our respiratory tract of anything it considers foreign and gives the reaction to the irritant action called a sneeze.

Ragweed is…

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Pneumonia, Reduce The Risk By Giving Heads Up To Your Immune System

Pneumonia, Reduce The Risk By Giving Heads Up To Your Immune System



Prevention is the key when they inject you or me. Treatment, after the fact is riskier. Many of the the bad bacteria have become resistant to our antibiotics.

Vaccinations are becoming extremely important for ensuring health for adults. They lower risk of infection, disability and death. These prescription medications pump your immune system into high alert mode for certain infectious agents.


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CVS Finally Has A Reason To Change Its Name To CVS Health

CVS Finally Has A Reason To Change Its Name To CVS Health


CVS-pharmacy-signConsumer Value Stores (CVS) have stopped the sale of all tobacco products. They will sacrifice 2 billion dollars in yearly sales by kicking nicotine out their doors. Corporate is trying to differentiate itself from other competitors like Walgreens and Rite Aid. Studies conducted in Boston and San Francisco, showed that when pharmacies ceased sale of tobacco products, over 13% of people stopped…

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Pancreatic Cancer Treatment With Carbon Ion Therapy Opens A New Road To Survival

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment With Carbon Ion Therapy Opens A New Road To Survival

RENOVATING-YOUR-MIND-does-cancer-sucks-cartoon-pancreatic-cancer-treatment-may-change-due-to new-ionizing-carbon-radiation

carbon-ion-machine-cancer-treatment-upgradeCarbon Ion Therapy has been shown in Japan to increase survival rates in solid mass tumors, such as pancreatic cancers. Instead of the 10% survival rate over 3-5 years that would shoot up to 50% utilizing this new type of radiation. So over 5 years, instead of only 10 patients being alive, that would increase to 50 patients still standing of the original 100.

Cancer is such a difficult puzzle to…

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