Your Health Is Priceless, Let Nothing Else Take Precedent

Your Health Is Priceless, Let Nothing Else Take Precedent


“The greatest wealth is health” ˜ Virgil


Many of us tend to avoid going for a yearly physical. Even when something is wrong and we know it, males especially, stay away from contacting a healthcare professional. We rationalize our medical problem(s) saying things like, “it’s nothing” or “stress is causing my heart to beat abnormally” or one of the other thousands of excuses to avoid medical…

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The tomato is an amazing source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is highly protective against prostate and breast cancers, heart disease and inflammation.

E-Cigarettes Or Cigarettes, Which Are More Dangerous?

E-Cigarettes Or Cigarettes, Which Are More Dangerous?


cigarette-butts-mess-nicotine-remantsThere are 40,000,000 (40 million) Americans still smoking those long circular tubes stuffed full of tobacco. Cigarettes besides containing the brain addicting toxin nicotine, are contaminated with at least 70 different carcinogens. These are chemicals that increase risk of human cancers. In addition, cigarettes are littered with more than 7,000 other dangerous ingredients that promote disease.…

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